PINS ‘The Queens of Neon’ and their new LP Hot Slick

PINS - Hot Slick -

‘The Queens of Neon’ PINS – Hot Slick Haus of Pins LP, CD, DL In these very strange times of viruses, lockdowns and social isolation, even more than ever we need distraction from this so called ‘new normal’. It was a random trawl through Bandcamp (and a few pointers from music website Popoptica) that led me to PINS. Something about the colour, vibrancy and strong statement of their cover artwork for new album Hot Slick drew me in. The music certainly needed further investigation. PINS As some background Manchester based…

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Prince Far I – The Trojan Albums

Prince Far I - Trojan Albums -

Prince Far I The Trojan Albums Collection Doctor Bird / Cherry Red Records CD Cherry Red Records release Prince Far I’s four albums for Trojan Records on a double CD pack. A Beginners Guide to Prince Far I Being a big fan of Prince Far I and with the forthcoming CD release on Cherry Red Records of the four albums he recorded for Trojan Records heading our way, I thought a short beginner’s guide to reggae’s ‘voice of thunder’ was needed. This is by no means a full biography, just…

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Medicine Men – A Different Port

Medicine Men - A Different Port -

Medicine Men A Different Port Last Night From Glasgow LP CD & DL A few months back I watched a BBC4 music documentary on ‘Yacht Rock’ which looked at the late 70s and early 80s US West Coast Adult Orientated Rock (AOR) scene. Featuring bands like Steely Dan and Toto it’s fair to say this is not a genre that really does it for me. But as BBC4 can usually be trusted to air interesting music documentaries I tuned in. It’s not often BBC4 drops the ball, but spread over…

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Bugeye – When the Lights Go Out

Bugeye - When the Lights Go Out -

Bugeye When the Lights Go Out Reckless Yes Records An all-girl group with a heady mix of gothy chiming guitars, bubble-gum pop, weird noodly prog keyboards and topped off with proper punky spirited vocals. That’s Bugeye, and with their new single ‘When the Lights Go Out’ just released, this summer will surely belong to them? Ready Steady Bang As an early summer taster from their debut album ‘Ready Steady Bang’ due to be released on July 10th through the marvellous Reckless Yes Records, When the Lights Go Out is a…

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Corasandel and Become The Sky – dream pop, shoegaze, ambient or just great music?

Corasandel -

Corasandel and Become The Sky… dream pop, shoegaze, ambient or just great music? Long Live Vinyl magazine, certainly the best monthly devoted to all things LP related, recently published an article on the essential ‘dream pop’ albums. Being a cynical old git, my first reaction was that the piece felt like an attempt to shoehorn bands into a genre that didn’t really exist. But the more I thought about it the more this obsession with sub-dividing did actually make sense. With the myriad of music websites available like Spotify, Bandcamp…

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Fulham Football Club and music, a personal journey

Fulham Football Club and Music -

Bruce, Maddy, Jacko and a bit of reggae Fulham Football Club and Music I had an email yesterday from American music label Poptek Records. I get a lot of requests to review music, some of the tunes are good, and some bad, but I always try and give them a fair listen. For once, this label boss Andy Ingram had done his homework, he had spotted that I was a Fulham fan and mentioned it in the email. I was reeled in ‘good and proper’ and it prompted me to…

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Vin Gordon – A Beginner’s Guide

Vin Gordon - African Shores -

A Beginner’s Guide to Vin Gordon My previous blog Reggae Roots Review, focused on the small but vibrant world reggae scene, the title sort of gives it away! There is a community of young producers, artists, promoters and DJs who are keeping reggae alive. From Poland to Brazil, and France to Estonia, the reggae scene is in safe hands, fuelled by a love for the music and culture. So if you are coming to this article on the back of my pieces on Pop Will Eat Itself or Mighty Mighty,…

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PWEI – End of the Decade Blues

End of the Decade Blues -

End of the Decade Blues The Making of a Post Modern Masterpiece Written by Paul Snell Pop Will Eat Itself This is the Day…This is the Hour…This is This! There are music fans and there are music fans. If you are reading this then you are probably into your records more than the average Joe. You collect vinyl maybe, buy music magazines and know your Discogs from your Bandcamp. Some people though take fandom to a completely new level and go that extra mile to not only satisfy their own…

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Armstrong – Under Blue Skies

Armstrong - Under Blue Skies -

Armstrong Under Blue Skies Country Mile Records / The Beautiful Music – CD Summery pop songs, who doesn’t love a slice of musical sunshine that lifts the spirits and makes you smile? This piece features an artist called Julian Pitt aka Armstrong and his debut album ‘Under Blue Skies’. The press release namechecks Aztec Camera/Roddy Frame, The Pearlfishers, Teenage Fanclub and Prefab Sprout as comparisons and I can add The Lightning Seeds, Beach Boys and Badly Drawn Boy to that hallowed company. So if any of this chimes with you…

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Mighty Mighty – Misheard Love Songs

mighty mighty - misheard love songs -

Mighty Mighty Misheard Love Songs Firestation Records LP & CD Here it is, my new blog and the very first post! The music gods have in a way dictated what this piece will be about. A new album by a band that has been off my radar for several years and was a big part of my musical awakening, it was obvious. So step forward Brummie indie band ‘Mighty Mighty’, I have things to reminisce about. C86 The year was 1986 and my musical tastes were pretty basic, a bit…

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