Tim Smith RIP

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Tim Smith RIP This week we learnt the tragic news that Cardiacs frontman Tim Smith passed away. He had been ill for some time following a heart attack and stroke back in 2008, but I understand his death came out of the blue. To be honest when I heard the news I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I have never met Tim, but his band and music have played a big part in my life for many many years. I just felt the need to share…

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Kingmaker – Everything Changed 1991-1995

Kingmaker Everything Changed - www.thepaperlion.co.uk

Kingmaker Everything Changed 1991-1995 Cherry Red Records CD Box Set If you are going to do a career encompassing box set, do it thoroughly that’s what I say. Those lovely people at Cherry Red Records certainly know how to do that, with recent excellent collections from the likes of The Primitives and Pop Will Eat Itself. Next in their sights is much underrated early 90s indie group Kingmaker. A band that played a big part in my life, although maybe more socially than musically! Kingmaker Growing up in London in…

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Lisa Mychols & Super 8

Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 - thepaperlion.co.uk

Lisa Mychols & Super 8 CD & DL out now on The Beautiful Music With Coronavirus at the forefront of all our lives, it seems fitting to showcase an album that demonstrates how being in lockdown, and in different countries, can’t hinder the artistic process. Once technological and virusy hurdles were overcome, Lisa Mychols and Super 8 put two fingers up to Covid 19 and created a perfect blousy soundtrack for the summer. Soundtrack for the summer Being an amateur writer it is easy to slip into some overfamiliar and…

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PINS ‘The Queens of Neon’ and their new LP Hot Slick

PINS - Hot Slick - www.thepaperlion.co.uk

‘The Queens of Neon’ PINS – Hot Slick Haus of Pins LP, CD, DL In these very strange times of viruses, lockdowns and social isolation, even more than ever we need distraction from this so called ‘new normal’. It was a random trawl through Bandcamp (and a few pointers from music website Popoptica) that led me to PINS. Something about the colour, vibrancy and strong statement of their cover artwork for new album Hot Slick drew me in. The music certainly needed further investigation. PINS As some background Manchester based…

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Prince Far I – The Trojan Albums

Prince Far I - Trojan Albums - www.thepaperlion.co.uk

Prince Far I The Trojan Albums Collection Doctor Bird / Cherry Red Records CD Cherry Red Records release Prince Far I’s four albums for Trojan Records on a double CD pack. A Beginners Guide to Prince Far I Being a big fan of Prince Far I and with the forthcoming CD release on Cherry Red Records of the four albums he recorded for Trojan Records heading our way, I thought a short beginner’s guide to reggae’s ‘voice of thunder’ was needed. This is by no means a full biography, just…

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Medicine Men – A Different Port

Medicine Men - A Different Port - www.thepaperlion.co.uk

Medicine Men A Different Port Last Night From Glasgow LP CD & DL A few months back I watched a BBC4 music documentary on ‘Yacht Rock’ which looked at the late 70s and early 80s US West Coast Adult Orientated Rock (AOR) scene. Featuring bands like Steely Dan and Toto it’s fair to say this is not a genre that really does it for me. But as BBC4 can usually be trusted to air interesting music documentaries I tuned in. It’s not often BBC4 drops the ball, but spread over…

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