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Welcome to my Paper Lion blog!

Hi, my name is Toby, aka The Paper Lion. You may know me from my other site which I wrote for several years. Unfortunately with hosting fees being pretty expensive I have had to mothball that one.

It is time for a change though, time to spread my wings and write about other styles of music and the other things in life that interest me. This new blog will cover a bit of indie, a bit of jazz, films, football (although probably just Fulham FC!), books, World of Warcraft. In fact whatever takes my fancy. Why limit yourself?

One of the most common thing I get asked is “Can you please review my music, book, film etc…?” I do love getting emails with music attached and even better vinyl, DVDs and CDs in the post. But I write this blog in my spare time, real life gets in the way sometimes, so cannot guarantee to feature all of you!

You can force your way to the front of the queue with cold hard cash. I am not proud and any help to pay for hosting fees or to feed my vinyl habit is always welcome.

If you have any questions please do get in touch with me at I hope you enjoy my new direction.


Toby (aka Paper Lion)

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  1. Hi Tim. I’d like to bolster your CD collection by sending you my next single for review. I’m a Sheffield based DIY solo artist and friend’s of Sarah and Chris aka Duck. I used to play in a band with Sarah years ago. Anyhow, the singe is released mid Jan and it would be amazing to me if you would give it a spin and a review. Where do I send it?
    Hope you’re having an excelent day!

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