Armstrong – Under Blue Skies

Armstrong - Under Blue Skies -

Under Blue Skies
Country Mile Records / The Beautiful Music - CD

Summery pop songs, who doesn’t love a slice of musical sunshine that lifts the spirits and makes you smile? This piece features an artist called Julian Pitt aka Armstrong and his debut album ‘Under Blue Skies’. The press release namechecks Aztec Camera/Roddy Frame, The Pearlfishers, Teenage Fanclub and Prefab Sprout as comparisons and I can add The Lightning Seeds, Beach Boys and Badly Drawn Boy to that hallowed company. So if any of this chimes with you and you are a fan of upbeat, indie guitar pop read on.

Under Blue Skies

Under Blue Skies is not actually the first Armstrong long player, in fact you could call it a lost album. It was originally released a few years back on a limited CDr with little or no fanfare. Thankfully it has been salvaged from the dusty archives of CD oblivion by UK based Country Mile Records and Canadian label The Beautiful Music. This joint collaboration means Under Blue Skies can now get the release it deserves, an expanded twenty track CD which includes some bonus rare tracks.

Love Hate Passion and War

The album has had some rave reviews on Twitter and when you hear the first few chords to ‘Love Hate Passion and War’ you can see why. Imagine sitting on the beach, the sun is shining and you catch those infectious Beach Boyesque harmonies and acoustic guitars. This truly fills you with the spirit of summer. In fact it reminds me of the first time I heard Pure by the Lightning Seeds and Alright by Supergrass, moments of innocent joy.

The CD is available from both The Beautiful Music and Country Mile websites. It is a joy of an album, every track is a winner and truly recommended. If you want to read more about Armstrong and founder Julian Pitt then head to this interview from The Library of Wales. Armstrong also has a Bandcamp page where you can hear more of his music. Finally for all you streamers, check out Spotify.

I hope you found this interesting, please leave a comment, and let me know what you think of Armstrong, I would be interested to hear. Social media shares are always appreciated, so please spread the word.

I will leave you with a YouTube clip of Love Hate Passion and War, this should convince you!


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