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When the Lights Go Out
Reckless Yes Records

An all-girl group with a heady mix of gothy chiming guitars, bubble-gum pop, weird noodly prog keyboards and topped off with proper punky spirited vocals. That’s Bugeye, and with their new single ‘When the Lights Go Out’ just released, this summer will surely belong to them?

Ready Steady Bang

As an early summer taster from their debut album ‘Ready Steady Bang’ due to be released on July 10th through the marvellous Reckless Yes Records, When the Lights Go Out is a full on 2 minutes 46 seconds of raw hedonistic energy. To me this is a proper ‘fuck you’ track and takes me back to those crazy 80s where all I cared about was, guitars, gigs and girls.  

The band themselves said this about the track… “It’s Friday night, at last the working week’s over, and guess what, it was a bit of a shitty week… again. Nothing changed, everything’s the same, so we go out and we drink with our mates to escape it all. Legendary night of self-medication, the downward spiral, before the week starts all over again. This song is about depression and using alcohol as a pick me up to freedom, only to find you are trapped in a cycle.”

Reckless Yes Records

To hear more head to Reckless Yes Records, a fantastic label dedicated to building a community of artists and listeners based on equality, fairness and great music (they will have their own blog post soon I am sure). Also check out their membership scheme which lets you experience their whole roster of bands. Lastly Bugeye have their own Bandcamp page to hear their back catalogue.


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