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Jim the Boss
Dub in HiFi
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This album is free, perhaps a normal concept for the younger generation who can stream anything they like, anytime, anywhere. But for older music heads like me it still feels a strange idea. My first paying job was as a 15 year old working as a steward at Fulham Football Club. I can still clearly remember getting my £4.60 match day fee, popping up Putney High Street to the local Our Price record shop and picking up an album. Going to a music store and buying music is something so ingrained, I am not sure I will ever shake it off.

Dub in HiFi

This particular album, ‘Dub in HiFi’ is the latest offering from a producer I admire called Jim the Boss. His Hoboken HiFi studio has been producing great sounding dub for several years now. The pinnacle was his Hudson Soul album from 2016. You can read more about that masterpiece and more about Jim in my review.


This album is a new set of authentic sounding, lovingly produced reggae. It features nine new songs with contributions from Jah Adam, David Hillyard, King Tappa and more, all backed by the HiFi Rockers studio band. Pick for me is the driving bass number ‘Rockers’. I love a bit of echo in my reggae and this doesn’t disappoint. It kicks off with a ska rhythm but soon hits it dub stride, mesmerising stuff.

Another highlight is ‘Birthday Party’ which has a Jackie Mittoo feel to it (and I do love a bit of Jackie Mittoo). The lighter sound shows that Jim is not afraid to mix up the vibe. Pure dub is good, but I think the best dub albums give you some light relief from that lower end intensity.   


So nine tracks of quality reggae for nothing, what have you got to lose? Head to the Hudson Soul Bandcamp site, from here you can download the full album. Jim is supporting the release with a t-shirt sporting the rather nice album cover. I don’t need to tell you that producers and musicians like Jim don’t make much money from their recordings, it’s a labour of love. If you can help with a contribution, like buying the tee, it does mean that artists can keep supplying us with a stream of great music. They do appreciate our support.

I hope you like this short review, if you can share this piece on social media I would be very grateful. My Paper Lion blog is a new venture and it will take some time to build up, so your support is much appreciated.

Cheers, Paper Lion

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