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Medicine Men - A Different Port -

Medicine Men
A Different Port
Last Night From Glasgow LP CD & DL

A few months back I watched a BBC4 music documentary on ‘Yacht Rock’ which looked at the late 70s and early 80s US West Coast Adult Orientated Rock (AOR) scene. Featuring bands like Steely Dan and Toto it’s fair to say this is not a genre that really does it for me. But as BBC4 can usually be trusted to air interesting music documentaries I tuned in. It’s not often BBC4 drops the ball, but spread over two episodes it was a little light on content and certainly didn’t change my aversion to Californian soft rock!

Last Night From Glasgow

Jump forward a few months and as part of my Last Night From Glasgow music subscription, the new Medicine Men LP, A Different Port, landed on my mat. (LNFG are a Glasgow based record label promoting local artists and ‘brother’ label to Reckless Yes Records who I mentioned in my recent Bugeye review). Medicine Men are not a band I had encountered before and to my horror the cover features 80s style graphics with a yacht centre stage. My heart sank a little, this looks like a modern interpretation of yacht rock, what have you sent me!

Medicine Men

Thankfully as soon as the needle hit the groove, all visions of big hair and deck shoes were banished. Admittedly there are serious synthy nods to the 80s in the tracks, but there is nothing wrong with that, the 80s is where my musical journey started. Track one ‘We First Met’ is a beautiful, heart melting tune that reminds me of those emotional songs that got me hooked on music. Although different in sound, the song’s DNA reminds me of tracks like The Cure’s Just Like Heaven or OMD’s Messages.

Track two ‘Getaway Driver’, my favourite incidentally, carries on where We First Met left off and wrings the emotions even further. It’s a minor chord masterpiece and when Joni Bennet’s vocals come in half way through it just hits you hard. But as all you sensitive people out there know, melancholic music provides a warm comforting blanket and this track is as uplifting as it is sad.

A Different Port

I hope this short couple of tracks introduction gives you a feel for the album. A Different Port is one of those LP’s that I am sure you will have experienced, the quality of tracks on side A is so high that you just want to keep listening to them and getting to side B takes some effort! I cannot recommend this album highly enough so please take some time to seek it out at the Last Night From Glasgow online shop. Also have a look at their membership schemes. You get a whole lot of music for a relatively small outlay!

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